Solar makes your roof a profit center

With solar power, your business's roof can be a source of revenue.

A better way to reduce overhead

Going solar can produce power that dramatically reduces your electric bills – and those savings could be redirected to your tax appetite or other business needs, to further improve your bottom line!

Storage Facilities


$2.5 Million savings from solar for U-Haul at just one Arizona facility (over the life of the system)

Office Buildings

LBJ Infrastructure Group

LBJ Infrastructure Group is projecting cost savings on electricity to be a 9x return on their investment, on the solar system we installed at their coorporate headquarters.

Schools and Non-profits

My Possibilities

My Possibilities, a Texas non-profit school should save $540,000 over the life of their solar system.

Business Owners

Small and large commercial operations can save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of a solar system

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Car DealershipsSolar topped canopies

Many commercial buildings offer flat roof expanse that is wonderful for solar installation – but solar isn’t JUST for your roof!

Solar-topped canopies can be a great option, along with ground-mounted solar arrays, if your roof isn’t suited for solar.

El Dorado Chevrolet in McKinney, TX

These canopies offer the dual benefit of generating power to run your business, or charge electric vehicles, while providing protection for valuable assets underneath. An example would be a car dealerships, with millions of dollars of inventory on the lot.

For a situation such as a car dealership, additional and significant savings may be observed on insurance premiums since the canopies will protect the cars from weather damage. In fact, solar panels were made with exposure to extreme climates in mind.