Solar for Homebuilders

For homebuilders, putting solar on their new homes can increase net profits and create a powerful sales option for homebuyers.

Homebuilder Highlights

Special Pricing

There is no cost to you – Ask about Sunfinity’s special builder pricing on solar to maximize profits.

No extra overhead

There is no labor on your payroll. Sunfinity handles everything from design and permitting to installation and inspections.

Flexible Installs

No extra days needed on your project timeline. Sunfinity’s team can work while other construction is taking place.

High quality homes - Low energy bills

Buyers of all ages, both young millennials and retirees alike, are increasingly interested in energy-efficiency in their new homes because it means lower costs for them.

Whisper ValleyA blueprint for a better lifestyle

Whisper Valley is Texas’s first Zero Energy Capable Community, and Sunfinity is proud to be their solar partner. Designed with the unique vision of creating environmentally smart homes from the groud up, Whisper Valley is the Grand Award winner of the 2019 Green Media Sustainability Awards.

Project management and install

Sunfinity’s takes the lead for operations and maintenance within the Whisper Valley home community, as well as for solar installations for homeowners who want to add additional capacity to their solar systems or who are interested in other smart energy design, such as battery storage options.

Energy efficiency that saves

Overall, the homes save between 40-70% on typical monthly energy consumptions and are rated by national energy efficiency index HERS with 25 or below.

Trend setting communities

A 2019 survey found 70% of Americans would support a nationwide mandate requiring that solar panels be installed on all newly built homes


We installed similarly sized solar arrays on 54 of our nearby rental homes early in 2019. The solar delivered the promised savings, so we were comfortable moving ahead with expansion plans. Each family saves about $850 annually on electricity bills, so it made perfect sense for us to expand our solar capabilities.

Jay Mauck, Sunview Development Corp.

Sunview Development

Sunfinity has partnered with Oklahoma-based Sunview Development Corp. to install solar at 102 duplexes built and owned by Sunview as rental properties. Phase II of the project featured 48 solar-topped carports to provide covered parking while powering the homes, and this was selected as Solar Builder Magazine Editor’s Choice Residential Project of the Year for 2020.